How everything started…

After I graduated from university I directly started working for a big consulting firm and immediately found myself traveling Europe. At that time I was a bit naive and of course it did not work out as I expected it in the beginning. So.. much to my regret I spent more time in the office than anywhere else.

Now, 2 years later, I am still working for the same company but changed my mindset. I am finally trying to leave the office at a reasonable time and I am also refusing to work on weekends as far as possible. I realized that if I could not make it to achieve a healthy work-life balance, I would have to quit my job.

In this process of changing my life I found my passion for outdoor activities. Since two months I am on the road.. or actually I am off the road.. and I am honestly feeling less stressed and more relaxed. My new hobby seems to be helping me to be a more balanced person.

If anyone would ask me right now how and when everything started, I would say.. It was when I – out of pure boredom – took my good old mountainbike and headed up a little hill next to my parents home town. Up there I decided to make just a quick rest and enjoy the view.image

That little rest ended in a two hours break as I enjoyed the view and did not want to end the peaceful silence. I believe that this was the moment, where I decided to spend more time in the nature. Since that day I have visited four mountains and was regularly hiking. I am looking forward to climb more mountains and check out more hiking trails.

From now on I would like to capture my experiences and share it here. As I am more or less a newbie in the outdoor area, I want to see how far I can come and maybe my stories will motivate someone else to spend more time in nature.


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