Winter’s here.

Not that far away from Vienna, in Lower Austria, there is a mountain called the Eibl. This little mountain is well-known for nice skiing tours and snowshoe hikes. Furthermore the winter in Austria was returning in its former magnificence and so I decided to hike up the Eibl with snowshoes and the snowboard on the back.


As this was my very first hike with snowshoes, I underestimated the phisical endeavour. Lifting one foot after another up that hill whilst every footstep was getting covered again and again with snow turned out to be way more exhausting than expected. The goal was to reach the top within one hour – in the end it took us (me and two of my friends) up to almost two hours.
Nonetheless the effort was worth it. It was snowing and we really enjoyed the winter wonderland atmosphere.


At the mountain we entered the cabin straightaway and refilled our engines with some awesome and typical Austrian food. Here you can see one of the meals we had – the Hüttentoast.


After a break of approx. one hour, we exchanged the snowshoes with the boards and prepared for the descent. A beautiful and with deep powder snow-covered slope awaited us.


The descent took us only about ten minutes and the almost untouched slope was just amazing. All together this trip took us about 4-5 hours. So even if you have plans for the afternoon, this a trip you can do easily in half a day. I think its worth a try 🙂




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